The one-stop shop that connects HORECA, citizens, and food banks to fight food waste in Amsterdam. For the city of Amsterdam and its residents, food waste is becoming an unavoidable topic. Demand for food assistance spiked with the Covid-19 pandemic. Food banks struggle to meet demand due to a drop in the number of donations while the Dutch HORECA sector is estimated to lose up to 245 million euros a month since the outbreak. A city where people go hungry while food is wasted is neither circular nor sustainable.  

The Food Rescue Platform wants to avoid food to become waste by rethinking current socio-economic business models and food aid distribution. Residents can easily purchase food that would else be thrown away, extending its life cycle. At the same time food banks receive support from local businesses and food rescue initiatives join forces on the ground to enhance their impact. The Food Rescue platform will become the one-stop shop where residents of Amsterdam can go to support the fight against food insecurity and food waste.

The membership levels of the platform allow for customization of the services based on the needs and profile of the members. Members go and pick up their food with a bento box made from coffee grounds from the restaurants and bars of Amsterdam. This box serves as a Membership card. For each purchase box, another food box is given to one of the food banks in Amsterdam. 

Paying members will be informed about pickup locations and times through the platform and they will book their preferred option. When members order for the first time, they will receive the bento box and the food. On the following occasions members shall bring their own bento box back to the restaurant/bars which will give them food in another box while taking care of cleaning the returning one.  

To make sure that the system doesnt produce new waste we want to create a food box that comes for the existing waste of the restaurants and bars, but that can be reused multiple times before going to waste and once that happen is fully compostable.