The Coffee Wasters are a team of two friends, Cintia Rivera and Federica Marra, who believe that disruptive design is key in making our daily lives more sustainable and circular thinking the norm.

We identified habits as our main entry point, which are not often targeted as opportunities for change.
We want to transform the lifestyle habits of the urban citizens, just like us, with creative circular designs to make sustainability the easy choice.

Cintia Rivera

Amateur social networker, storyteller and concert addict. Grew up in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, you can imagine how this has become her signature icebreaker. She moved to the Netherlands to study a master’s in international development and decided to stay and become a trainer. She is particularly interested in the relationship between urban design and community building. She is afraid of balloons and enjoys pretending to be a grown-up.

Federica Marra

Italian living in The Netherlands with a deep passion for Art, grass-root movements and finding patterns. She combines different backgrounds and interests, from a degree in Art Management, to a specialization in Human centered Design and user research. She is looking for opportunities to contribute and be more engaged with the community now she calls ‘home’, the wonderful city of Amsterdam!

Current projects